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Wedding Information

For me, weddings are about you: the couple. The images reflect the connections between you, your friends and your family. They are about your real life and your real moments.

I love to get to know all of my couples and provide you with a custom designed commission that is right for you.  I am based in New York with a satellite office in Philadelphia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I do weddings?
I love shooting weddings because of the connection I build with my clients. I get to know who you are, who is important to you, what is important to you and why. For me the relationships I build in my life are very important and I take those memories everywhere; holding them close to my heart. I find couples who feel the same way about their relationships and want to be able to have those authentic connections and memories captured artistically and elegantly. Relationships and stories are what make our life worth living. A wedding brings those people who mean the most to us together; to share and celebrate in a big moment in our lives. At a wedding there are many stories, many moments and many relationships waiting to be found and captured.

How do I approach weddings?
I approach each wedding as a clean slate. I want your pictures to be about you not some formula. I photograph moments as they unfold, while being a fly on the wall. Climbing on chairs, crawling on the floor, looking through windows, all the while getting any and every possible view of a moment. I also plan and prepare before the day, so that I really understand who you are and how important your wedding and the connections you have are to you as a couple. More and more I realize because of my dance background, I see movement, I see connections, I feel the movement and the connections and that I what I capture with my camera. Yes, photography is about light and I do pay attention to that but it’s the authenticity of the movement and the connections that I see.

How do we plan and prepare for your wedding?
We have lots of phone and email conversations over the course of your wedding planning. We talk about everything from timeline, what floral designers I like, why a make-up artist is a necessity and how mom is driving you crazy. I have you fill out a Get to Know You questionnaire so I learn lots of fun details about the two of you so we can build an authentic connection and friendly relationship. Other questionnaires include a formals checklist that talks about the different posed family formals you want and any family dynamics I should know about (we do not want to pose Aunt Betty next to Uncle Joe if they have not spoken in 20 years), a vendor worksheet so I know who I will be working with and a timeline worksheet so we can make sure we have allocated enough time for everything. I find out why you chose your venue and details, what is important for you to remember and make suggestions about timing so everything can go as smoothly as possible. My goal is for you to feel super comfortable and relaxed so the day is really a celebration with your family and friends. Plus all that preparation makes my job super easy and I am able to do what I do best, tell your story.

What is this GTKY I keep hearing about?
GTKY is a Getting to Know You photo session. I give you a sheet full of questions that give me insight into who you are as individuals as well as a couple. Questions like: “If you could do anything you want together, what would it be?” or “What do you want me to know about your wedding that will make it distinctly you?” Sitting down with a glass of wine, filling out this questionnaire and reminiscing about your relationship is a great way to reconnect during the stressful planning process and a way for me to really get to know who you are and what is important. These answers will give us ideas for the actual shoot, so the photos mean more to you than just a pretty picture. We can also go out for lunch, dinner or drinks and really get to know each other before the wedding day. The GTKY is one of my most favorite aspects of the wedding experience because this is where we confirm that we really “get” each other and are really the perfect match.

Why is the GTKY so important?
TRUST. You will spend at least a year (8-12  hours on the actual day) with your photographer, why not get to be friends with them. On the day of the wedding everyone will be relaxed because we will have worked together before the big day and everyone will have seen images of you that look fab! Besides why not have an excuse to drink and make out with each other for a few hours.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use professional Canon Digital SLRs with various pro lenses. I also bring external lighting, just in case.

Do you offer destination weddings?
Yes! I love to travel. I will work with you to design the best coverage for your destination wedding.

What products and services do you offer?
I consider myself a boutique. I take a limited number of weddings so I can spend the time necessary to deliver a great experience. I want to be able to build a relationship with each client and deliver images that reflect who you are and the connections you have made. Keeping this in mind, I have many great products and services and always looking for something new. I love Get to Know You sessions, I have a second photographer and we always have fun. You can choose from custom designed flushmount or matted albums, unique slideshows, color and black and white images, retouching, gallery prints etc.

We love your work, now what?
Please call me. 215.327.8482 or 917.975.6167 between the hours of 9AM-5PM M-F.  I want to talk with you and find out all about you and your wedding. We can then set up a time to meet and go over what you are looking for. If we cannot meet, then I’ll email you information so you can make an informed decision. I also love to skype or facetime so we feel comfortable with each other.

What will the investment be?
Every wedding is different and I like to customize services based on the couples needs. Someone having an elopement in Central Park will cost different than someone having a 250 person wedding at the Plaza. That being said, a typical (your wedding is anything but typical) wedding day with Sofia and a second photographer and over a 100 guests will begin at $5000.00. Please call or email me and tell me all about what you are looking for.